January01/02/2004 ♥ Marcus Eugene Slusser01/04/2012 ♥ Presleigh Marie Hammond01/04/2012 ♥ David Farr01/05/2008 ♥ Avery Drew Gray01/05/2014 ♥ John Leroy Simmers Jr.01/07/2005 ♥ Nathaneil Dylan Taylor01/07/2014 ♥ Aliyah Grace Preston01/07/2014 ♥ Gianni Garcia Jr.01/08/2009 ♥ Hunter Joel Fidler01/08/2014 ♥ Nathaly Gabriela Martinez01/08/2014 ♥ River Elizabeth Cole01/11/2013 ♥ Samantha Jayne Jones01/12/2002 ♥ Jacob Maybury Lynch01/12/2002 ♥ Sarah Renee' Lynch01/13/2005 ♥ Gabriel Lucas Sepulvado01/13/2010 ♥ Leyna May Zimmerman01/13/2011 ♥ David Nicholas Dahlberg01/13/2013 ♥ Priscilla Aguayo01/13/2015 ♥...
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The birthday of your child can be especially hard when your child has become an angel. Here we remember the birthdays of all of the angels taken too soon. To have your angel added simply scroll down and follow the instructions below. You can view the angel's names and birthdays by clicking each month listed below. I have had so many angels submitted that I had to break down our birthday list...
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