About I Am A Mother To An Angel

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" -Matthew 5:4

My grandfather raised me to always remember my would-be older brother, who died at just 1 day old, even though I never got to meet him. Each year, on his birthday, my Papaw and I would buy beautiful flowers and take a 2 hour road trip to where "Baby Wade" was laid to rest. We would scrub his headstone to remove the Carolina red clay mud that would wash over it when it rained, cut back any weeds overlaying it, and then take tons of photographs. I never knew that all the years I spent visiting his grave and speaking his name were preparing me for my greater purpose. I truly believe God placed me here on Earth to help grieving families.

How It Came To Be:
I started I Am A Mother To An Angel on Facebook in 2010 as a coming out statement about my own losses. I was so tired of being silent in my grief and being made to feel like I should just forget that they had ever existed. I never had a plan or expected it to turn into anything more than just another Facebook "like" page. At the time I, Kerin, had already lost two babies to early miscarriage. I lived in a world where Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss was a subject that was kept hush-hush and the only time you were able to speak about it was if you were blessed enough to come across someone else who had lost a baby/child too. I never could have dreamed that my simple coming out statement, an outcry to be heard, would turn into something much greater than being about myself and my own losses, but God had bigger plans for me.

What It Has Become:
Today, in 2015, I Am A Mother To An Angel on Facebook has drawn in bereaved families from all over the world and reached an amazing 120,000+ "likes". I Am A Mother To An Angel specializes in bereavement keepsakes and support for anyone who has lost a child. I Am A Mother To An Angel also promotes Pregnancy, Infant, and Child Loss Awareness to break the silence surrounding such an overshadowed topic. I still do not have a plan, I just take each day as it comes and go where my heart leads me to.

The I Am A Mother To An Angel line of bereavement keepsakes features awareness and memorial accessories, apparel, and jewelry. One thing I quickly realized that I'd like to do was to offer special awareness items and keepsakes for people to have in memory of their angels. It isn't always easy to find that special something that means so much in memory of someone so special. While I Am A Mother To An Angel is legally established as a business, the proceeds from all items help to fund the other things that I do for the bereavement community and also help keep the I Am A Mother To An Angel website up. The I Am A Mother To An Angel website features free online events, memorials, and programs for grieving families. With the I Am A Mother To An Angel RememBEARs Program I have been able to send many memorial teddy bears to bereaved families all over the world and have also donated keepsakes to other organizations, fundraisers, and giveaways.

I Am A Mother To An Angel also offers bereavement support including 7 private groups on Facebook which are closely monitored to insure safety for all members. I Am A Mother To An Angel has a very dedicated team of administrators who are all also grieving parents and who volunteer their time to keep I Am A Mother To An Angel a safe, secure, and supportive environment for all of the grieving families who join us. The goal is to provide encouragement and support to those who are struggling to cope after loss.

Since starting I Am A Mother To An Angel in 2010, I have lost 3 more babies to early miscarriage. I have also gained an angel niece, Scarlette, who came home from the hospital to steal my heart on my birthday and flew back to Heaven just 1 day before turning 1 month old after being taken by SIDS in 2011. I want to leave a legacy of love in memory of my angels by working hard each day to do all I can to help bereaved families. No foot is too small to leave a footprint on this world and no person is too small to make a difference in this world.

With love and light,
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I Am A Mother To An Angel