Posted on 28 Mar 10:08
The birthday of your child can be especially hard when your child has become an angel. Here we remember the birthdays of all of the angels taken too soon. To have your angel added simply scroll down and follow the instructions below. You can view the angel's names and birthdays by clicking each month listed below. I have had so many angels submitted that I had to break down our birthday list by month. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to acknowledge your angel and their special birthdays.

 photo MONTHS01.png  photo MONTHS02.png  photo MONTHS03.png  photo MONTHS04.png  photo MONTHS05.png  photo MONTHS06.png  photo MONTHS07.png  photo MONTHS08.png  photo MONTHS09.png  photo MONTHS10.png  photo MONTHS11.png  photo MONTHS12.png

Please read and follow the instructions on each entry when submitting your angel, thank you!

Your submission must be left in a comment below. For multiple losses please submit each angel separately. Please be sure to put the MONTH FIRST for the dates as stated in the instructions. Please be sure to proof-read your request information before submitting it. If you are unsure you can always email me directly at before submitting your request for your angel to be added. I am always more than happy to help. Thank you – Kerin

Here is what I need:

Your Angel’s FULL Name
Please put your angel’s FULL name. Ex 1: Scarlette Marie Lynch
If unnamed due to early loss, please put Baby Lastname. Ex 2: Baby Lynch

Angel’s Birthday
For early losses like miscarriage or stillbirth, this will usually be the date of your loss when your baby left your body. Please put MM/DD/YYYY. Please do NOT put the DAY first. Please put the MONTH first to insure it is added correctly.

Angel’s Duedate (Optional)
This is optional. This is for early losses like miscarriage or early stillbirth.
Please put MM/DD/YYYY. Please do NOT put the DAY first. Please put the MONTH first to insure it is added correctly.

Here is an example of what I need your submission to look like:

Example 1:
Joanna Marie Harris
Birthday – 09/22/2011

Example 2:
Baby Harris
Birthday – 06/28/2011
Duedate – 01/07/2012

If instructions are not followed, your angel will not be added.
The instructions are provided to make sure all angels are added correctly and to make sure that all angels can be added as quickly as possible. Please allow several days to several months for your angel to be added. This is updated in my spare time as a way to reach out and help you remember your angel. I do the best I can to update the Birthdays memorial page as often as I can. Thank you for your understanding and patience!